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The Modern Concept of Lawh Al-Mahfuz

Big Crunch and the Quran:

The extant Worlds and the Cosmos were compressed initially in a point called Singularity with indefinite density and extreme conditions. The mass of that shape was above any accounts until an eruption happened. The Gravity and untitled novel forms of energy began to extend matter. In which course the Universe is expanding, the very track it will start compressing when the Stars begin to vanish and acquire their decisive states, Gravity will conduct its endgame. That point is called "The End of Time " in the noble Quran, and to the best of our knowledge, it is called Big Crunch. Click here to read What does the Quran say about the Cosmos?

What is Lawh Al-Mahfuz?

The Noble Quran

When there was tamas widely, He was there sole. He chose to create Worlds for His command. He began to form, and One of the initial things He created was a Pen and a tablet on which to register. He ordered Pen to document every bright detail about what will be scheduled to be devised (and delivered) and whatever is to occur in the Cosmos as far as I intend. The Pen composed the destiny of the Worlds on the tablet from its inception to the absolute end. That tablet acquired the title of a sacred record that narrates His laws, with the outcome of Planet Earth in 6 days, equivalent to 6 thousand years of Humankind (In 1919, Albert Einstein predicted on behalf of the General Theory of Relativity that Time moves slower as you get closer to Earth because the gravity of a large mass like Our Planet warps the space and Time around It. The observable “time dilation” effect on the cosmic scale notes when a Star passes near a Black Hole). He kept the place of this tablet concealed and often vowed to it's presence in His words. He preserved that tablet in a location where no one could reach besides Him, and the most influential beings of the Cosmos have the privilege to witness a glimpse of it.


So I do swear by the positions of the stars, and this, if only you knew, is indeed a great oath. That this is truly a noble Quran, in a well-preserved Record, touched by none except the purified angels. It is a revelation from the Lord of all worlds.

Al-Waqi'ah 56: 75 to 80

In fact, this is a glorious Quran, recorded in a Preserved Tablet.

Al-Burooj 85: 21, 22

It is certainly We Who have revealed the Reminder, and it is certainly We Who will preserve it.

Al-Hijr 15:9

With Him are the keys of the unseen - no one knows them except Him. And He knows what is in the land and sea. Not even a leaf falls without His knowledge, nor a grain in the darkness of the earth or anything - green or dry - but is 'written' in a perfect Record.

Al-An'am 6:59

We certainly know what the earth consumes of them 'after their death', and with us is a well-preserved Record.

Qaaf 50:4

No calamity 'or blessing' occurs on earth or in yourselves without being 'written' in a Record before We bring it into being. This is certainly easy for Allah.

Al-Hadid 57:22

Indeed, it is We who bring the dead to life and record what they have put forth and what they left behind, and all things We have enumerated in a clear register.

Ya-Sin 36:12

For there is nothing hidden in the heavens or the earth without being 'written' in a perfect Record

Al-Naml 27:75

To read more additional, Click here.

The Fact:

Allah (SWT) doesn't need a tablet to organize and preserve His laws, It addresses the essence of writing.

The Scientific Models of Preserved Knowledge:

Science and Technology

The great misconception about Al-Lawh Al-Mahfuz (Lauh-e-Mahfooz in Urdu) is if It has been mentioned several times in the Quran, why has this not been considered, and does it exist? My answer is; We did not have enough knowledge to understand this earlier, nor We had examples by which we can digest the concept, but today with the progress of Science and technology, We have some arguments to prove His words. We can comprehend the existence of Lawh Al-Mahfuz from the following examples:

A. Human Biology:

From birth towards the degrees of life, DNA: Deoxyribonucleic Acid lives inside the cells of a Mortal's body, and with the Cells, there are Nucleus on which all the genetic data relies. With essential proteins (Histone in biology), DNA wraps like a thread. These cells evolve, and the DNA and Histone form the Chromosome that divides all the genetics equally between specific types of cells. It is called the "Genetic Library" of Humans. To read more additional about Chromosome, Click here.

B. Quantum Mechanics:

Quantum Mechanics is a fundamental theory in Physics to study matter and Light on the atomic and subatomic scale. It unveils the design and behaviors of the building blocks of nature and projects limelight on the various results and prospects of the least and big riddles of the Cosmos. The idea of Quantum theory was the outcome of Einstein's imagination. Due to this approach, Human wisdom and technical advancement have become possible, such as; Electronics, Microchips, Cryptography, Quantum Computing, Microprocessors, Medical Imaging, etc. The glowing study of Physics is a live illustration of how the most reasonable accounts of knowledge reside in small details.

C. Data Storage:

In search of Lawh Al-Mahfuz, a wise explanation of keeping data is Our success in preserving the knowledge of numerous libraries in the microscopic objects. The Prime Creator preserves Life, Water, Iron, and other minerals in stray asteroids; We can't speculate what He can do with His supremacy in the Cosmos. To read further about the tech and Science of Data Storage, Click here.

As far as God is concerned, I believe that what we've studied and explored is merely called Science; It is not a tool to deny God but insights to comprehend the prospects and natures of His laws. Yesterday, We didn't precisely know that there are Earth-like exoplanets in the Cosmos, but today we deny the presence of the prime Creator for what? Are We the Zombies of Materialism who do not like limitations, and to accomplish Our empty desires, do We take a U-turn from the principles that underline the contrast between right and wrong?

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