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Dynamic Words: Volume One

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Dynamic Words is My Blogger website, where I periodically register my arguments concerning the World. I try to express my views more profoundly in the briefest possible way. Maybe you won't adore the style of the Website, but for Me, it is a balance. is like a Saint posing in the wilderness in the messy World of the internet. In this blog, I am submitting My five comments to you, which I am proud to pen.

1. A Man never fails!

Brave Man

A Man never fails; the loss is ever for his ego. The more a person surges in his ego, the more he suffers.

2. Beyond Science: Supernatural

Paranormal, Supernatural

The Zombies of Materialism do not like limitations. To accomplish their Sexual and meaningless desires, they turn their back on the decrees who underline the contrast between right and wrong. That is why the essence of Supernatural activities in the West seems the worst of the worse. Indeed, Human missteps are their feeds.

3. Science v Religion

Religion and Science

It is constantly said, "No faith in the world speaks on a scientific scale." This is a falsehood; the fact is Science never speaks on the Spiritual scale.

4. The Awakening

Spiritual Awakening

Waking up does not mean you do Meditation and test your senses in an attempt to open the Third eye. Awakening is a discipline that instructs you to abandon all your urges and take a step back to observe which way the World is going and if you can see that chaos, Congratulations! You have awakened.

5. The One who creates

Creation of the World

Creation is the nature of God. The One who creates or can create something is perfectly connected to God.

When the heart is teary, things look broken. No One ever except Allah (SWT) granted Me this knowledge. Occasionally, It upsets Me that I belong to the generation where the Human psyches presume Netflix their Bible. No One considers it deeply, but a handful of people comprehend the World and Its green room. I expect you liked My approach a little. Thank you!

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