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​Quran-Verse is a route to discover the covert notions of the Quran and comprehend them from the viewpoint of Science. Both theists and atheists indeed keep exploring the presence of God in their practice. Humankind has been studying the Stars since Adam (PBUH) was put down on Earth and is keen to know as much as imaginable about this marvelous Cosmos. That is why the Lord of the Worlds specified a sequence of decrees of Heavens on Earth, through His Anmbiya, and beliefs reached onto presence globally, and the Quran is the last book of that sequence.
I am not the one who discerns between Humankind, But I admire all the reliable faiths of the World. I consider that rather than dividing these celestial chains into pieces, their ties should be seen together so the Human fellowship and brotherhood on Earth could be more blessed. The identity of the Quranverse is that It doesn't portray earthly conflicts, but It speaks regarding the Stars and the Heavens on a powerful ground. It underscores the unexplored aspects of Nature, the Dark world of Magic, and the Mysteries of the Cosmos.

Francis Bacon

Little knowledge of Science makes man an atheist, but an in-depth study of Science makes him a believer in God.

Albert Einstein

Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.

Isaac Newton

What we know is a drop, what we don't know is an ocean.
Image by Greg Rakozy

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