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Hi! I am
Afzaal Ashhar

This website is devoted to My great grandfather "Evaz Ali" who was One of the respected personalities of Amroha (U.P, India), and His wife was called "Mullani" for teaching the Quran to about a thousand girls of the community. I, Afzaal Ashhar, was born in Delhi in July 1995. I achieved my Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Delhi. After that, I learned Graphic design and the art of Urdu Poetry from My father, Iqbal Ashhar. He is a master of Urdu language and literature. One of his Nazm "Urdu Hai Mera Naam" is discussed around the globe. The Stars, the Heavens, the Earth, and the Skies have been my curiosity since boyhood, and Indeed, I am a weak student of Mathematics. I could not reach the Stars by tracking the complex pathways of Physics. Perhaps this also includes some goodness of Allah (SWT).

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A Man never fails, the loss is ever for his ego. The more a person surges in his ego, the more he suffers.


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